John Lewis staff member has admitted having been involved in the disappearance of apple items worth £40000. The staff member confessed to having taken the apple item without permission from the authority. The store containing apple items such as watches, laptops, mobile phones, and tablet devices was raided by the caught staff member.

Though the specific time when he actually committed such offense has been difficult the exact date was noted and it is actually the same date when staff member robbed the apple items store.

Why the staff member stole the apple items nobody know. The staff member could not believe that £40000 from the stolen items were going to just get back to its hole, specifically where it belongs.

The staff member said that he was motivated by greed to strike into the store and manage to get away with items of such work. He has been seeing his competitors earning big cash and not knowing exactly where they obtained from.

He believed that there was a CCTV black spot and thus no one could find him after attempting such theft. The staff member has been feeling guilty for what he did. The shame that he was also going through inside him was suggested by the way he was behaving. This story has shocked many, from electrical wholesalers Stockport to many other regional suppliers

Where the John Lewis staff member came from

Where did John Lewis find this staff member? Many believe that to employ a person who is a thief and can ruin your business is very hard but it is possible. You might conduct the perfect interview and find the potential worker. You will not know until he or she starts to operate.

John Lewis staff who managed to gain £4000 from the stolen items was a university drop out. After dropping out of the university due to unknown reasons the worker found his way into the retail sector.

Where could have John Lewis staff sold apple items to gain £40000?

Steeling items of such worth would be a difficult thing for many but how did that worker manage to gain such a lump sum amount of money? John Lewis staff member did the apple items marketing online. The customers on the internet are many and like the items that are relatively cheap than normal.

The possibility is John Lewis staff member lowered the price of the item he picked from the store illegally to allure more customers and make the selling faster. One might have doubted but after the first confirmation, it all went well for the worker.

The current investigation has stated on their report that John staff member sold the stolen items on a retail website for electrical items which is more famous as second hand. It is John Lewis staff member who accepted that he was the one that leads to the loss of over £40000 after sneaking to the apple items store and managing to get out with such expensive items. During the interview, the staff member realized that what he had done was a hell of a mistake and made full admissions.

He is now regretting such foolishness which has lowered his dignity. He is now feeling that his family has disappeared. The way he conducted himself on the job has led to loose of the job and more so the trust of very important staff members that they were working together happily and in unison. John Lewis staff member, as a matter of fact, feels massive sadness.


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France sees 39% rise in solar energy generation in September

solar panels

Solar is a radiant light and heat from the sun. Solar energy is the use of modern technology to produce electricity. According to the Reuters report, France sees 39% rise in solar energy generation in September to hit a high mark of 1.15 terawatt (TWh), this is a significant increase. There have to be platforms put in place to achieve such a milestone.

  1. A prolonged period of sunshine

According to the weather forecast, the indications were that Europe was experiencing a long period of sunshine. The geographical position of France was so critical in this as most nations experienced more periods of sunlight. First, in the northern parts of France, they experienced three hours of sunlight a day while the southern part was around five hours of scorching sun. If well harnessed this is likely to be the greatest contributing factor to the massive increase.

  1. Machinery and the technology

The country has seen a significant change in the solar industry over the past years. The solar energy in this country began back in 2008. The installation of the Photovoltaics has been increasing slowly until recently. In 2016, France was among the top five countries with most Photovoltaics and could produce up to 300MW. By the end of that year, the installed capacity was 7,165 MW that had the potential of producing up to 8790 GWh of power. With all these mechanisms already in place and then comes the prolonged spell of sunlight be rest assured that the amount of renewable electricity to be generated with solar panel batteries will automatically increase. Its course to 39% was all set.

  1. International support and motivation

There have been international alliances coming together to achieve certain goals by various heads of states. We look at the climate change conferences that have been taking place in France over the past few years. In 2016 the Prime minister of India and the President of France formed the International Solar Alliance (ISA) whose main objective was to look at the countries in the tropics and focus on promoting and enhancing the development of solar energy in this country. As a pilot phase France face France had to play the role to set the others in motion and by September 2018, we witnessed a whopping 39% increase in solar electricity. What a milestone.

    1. Population

France boasts of a large population and a manufacturing base that requires lots of electricity to run. Therefore, as a government, there was the need to subsides the nuclear electricity in the region to meet the growing demand. The hydroelectric power had declined due to the fewer amounts of water available, there was a need to look for alternatives to fill that gap. The increase can be attributed to such actions by the state.

Solar energy is one of the growing industries in the world today. Several states are fighting to protect the blue economy and France being a developed nation was not to be left behind. Its support of the investors in this sector plays a major role in shaping the success of such a big project. It is expected to grow at this pace up and until the year 2021.

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